UX case study: A single place for all your trips

Our wireframes vs UI

A short history of Jolly Tours

Jolly Tours was established in 1995 and became one the best and biggest tour operators of Turkey, offering exclusive travel experiences, engaging a wide spectrum of customers through their agencies, website, mobile website, native mobile travel app, fully functional on iOS and Android phones & tablets.

Their ultimate objective is growing across the borders and being one of the global power in tourism the industry.

The Challenge

Since they receive increasing mobile traffic, they wanted us to create a new mobile application helping their clients to find the trip packages and to make the reservation more easily. The main goal was integrating all their web-based services to a new mobile application that helps their clients to add their tour offers to their basket and pay in several touches.

Creating our personas.

Our Solutions

According to our research, we have created an application which responded promptly to our customer needs. The app was designed to simplify the checkout process. For this purpose, we added 3D touch feature for iPhone 6s users to check out just in 2 minutes.

Our new UX approach was put into practice to facilitate user experience. With the new app users are able to filter hotels and tours for different concepts such as honeymoon hotels, pet-friendly hotels, cultural tours, sunny beach tours etc.

Affinity mapping of Jolly Tours.

User Studies

We ran in-depth interviews with 12 users to map out their travel planning and online purchase experiences.

We gathered valuable insights into their motivations while travel planning, how they describe a good experience and how we can provide a great mobile journey.

Mobile Usability Testing

We ran tests on competitor mobile apps, investigated and compared usability issues and created extensive guidelines for the user experience and usability framework we envisioned for Jolly Tour’s new app.

Huge wireframe set of Jolly Tour.

The Results

In the first year, Jolly Tour app downloaded by 750.000 people. It was one of the “most downloaded apps”, in Turkish Google Play and App Store. Jolly Tour has increased 35% of its sales on the mobile channel in the first quarter of 2016.

App store customer reviews.

I am very impressed with how your team has worked with us. You are doing an impeccable job and I am looking forward to using your services moving forward. This has been amazing. İnci Özkök Product Owner, Jollytur.

Jolly Tour promo video.

Thanks for your time!




Award-winning user experience designer and working for Expedia Group, London.

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Furkan Akbayrak

Furkan Akbayrak

Award-winning user experience designer and working for Expedia Group, London.

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